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Partnering for
Better Healthcare Tomorrow™

Our core values are rooted in our goal as an organization—to provide Better Healthcare Tomorrow™.
This simple belief infuses everything we do at SAKS Health.
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SAKS Health is a New Jersey-based marketing services organization, with team members and affiliates across North America. Together, the seasoned professionals on our leadership team have over 150 years of collective experience.

We are built from the tenets of our success to achieve Better Healthcare Tomorrow™




The foundation of our approach and support structure. Every partnership is solidified with sound rationale and compliant guidance to activate each brand’s unique definition of success. 

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The world of marketing communications never stops evolving. The experience of our staff empowers us to move quickly, to be flexible and nimble, and to control the direction of unexpected challenges and opportunities.




The healthcare landscape is a broad and complex ecosystem that continues to innovate, as do its challenges. We immerse ourselves in the business of healthcare to help our partners navigate timely solutions.




Service is part of our DNA. We right size our team to support each partnership with an effective approach. Every member of our team works collaboratively with the variety of stakeholders, internal and external, to reach our collective goals.

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Multi-Practice Marketing Services Organization

Our specialized and custom teams are focused on partnering with clients from strategic planning and development through market and stakeholder activation. SAKS Health activates our unified model across the following practices and solutions:


Market Access

  • Value & Access Strategy/Planning 

  • Reimbursement Initiatives/Support 

  • Advisory Boards and Value Resources


Medical Communications


  • Scientific Platforms 

  • Adv-Boards & KOL Engagements 

  • Speakers Bureau & Congress Planning




  • Digital and Print IOs/Management

  • SEO/SEM and Social Media

  • Analytics & Reporting


Digital Transformation


  • Salesforce & Marketing Cloud

  • Platform Integration

  • Automation & MVP/POC

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Meet the leadership team


"Our team gets energized
telling your brand value narrative
and bringing new insights
to the conversation.”

“With more than 150 years combined healthcare and life sciences experience across our leadership team, SAKS Health is poised to become your unique healthcare commercialization partner.”

Khawar Khokhar,

Founder and CEO, SAKS Health

Khawar Khokhar

Founder & CEO

For over 20 years, Khawar has been helping brands plan and activate for success with healthcare, market access, and reimbursement strategy. He founded SAKS Health in 2017 to provide unique strategic and creative market solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health system and health & wellness client partners. Khawar knows what it takes to be successful, starting his healthcare career at Cigna and founding five healthcare agencies and divisions across the industry. His leadership and guidance across all marketing, communication strategy and commercialization efforts, drives our success.

Steve Toman

Senior Vice President
Director of Client Services

With over 20 years in market access, medical communications, and healthcare planning and execution, Steve provides expert consulting and communication services to support our clients. Steve is responsible for managing client relationships and partnering with internal and client teams to activate strategy through tactical execution. In his career, Steve has launched over a dozen brands to market access decision makers and medical communication stakeholders. He has led cross functional teams in the development and execution of professional education and advocacy development programs across a wide range of specialty therapeutic areas. 

Richard Zucker, MPH

Senior Vice President
Market Access Strategy

Richard has focused exclusively on healthcare and market access strategy for over 15 years. Prior to that, he built and managed market research and analytics practices with large global healthcare research firms. Richard was a member of the executive committee and led the marketing team for the hospitals and regional health system at Columbia University Medical Center, where he also served as associate clinical professor of health policy & management.  

Shahzad Khokhar

Executive Vice President

Salesforce & Digital Transformation

Shahzad leads the Salesforce consulting practice at SAKS Health. He has previously run global Salesforce practices for UiPath and Ciberspring, and also founded offshore technology operations for EnterpriseDB, an open source based database technology company, and served as the company's global vice president of customer service. As a serial technology entrepreneur, he is also the inventor of KloudSign, a digital signage business based out of New Jersey (for which he was recognized on Class Day as the recipient of the Columbia University Innovation Scholarship Award).

Ed Keer, PhD

Vice President
Assoc. Creative Director, Copy

For almost 20 years, Ed has been crafting compelling communications for payer and physician audiences. He has built and managed copy teams at multiple agencies. Ed is focused on finding the right words, grounded in the right strategy and bringing them together to tell a compelling story. And making sure the copy supports and is supported by clear visuals. 

Monica Bellini

Vice President
Assoc. Creative Director, Design

For almost 25 years, Monica has been creating compelling concepts for patient and physician audiences. She has guided, mentored and coached studio and design teams at multiple agencies. Monica has experience across a wide range of products and services, is a strong believer in the power of creativity, innovation, collaboration and embrace a good marketing challenge grounded in the right strategy. 

Cynthia Glass

Program Management

With 15 years’ experience supporting life sciences clients with information and tools for healthcare decision makers, payers, physicians, and internal sales teams, Cindy has fine-tuned the ins-and-outs of operations for market access tactics, medical communications activation, and non-personal promotions. Cindy has successfully lead cross-functional teams and managed print and digital projects on strategy, on time, and on budget. As the program management leader for SAKS Health, Cindy has also maintained commercial and regulatory groups’ data management tools including Veeva Vault and Datavision. Therapeutic areas of experience include immunology, infectious disease, neurology, oncology, psychiatry, and vaccines.



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