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Innovation for healthcare and life sciences_Saks Health

for healthcare and life sciences

SAKS Health has capabilities 

across healthcare technologies including Salesforce and our two proprietary platforms, SAKSiNTERACTiVE and SAKSiNSiGHTS

Salesforce for healthcare and life sciences

Salesforce is the world's number one CRM (customer relationship management) platform that helps companies in the healthcare sector collaborate across entire ecosystems, get new products into the market faster, turn valuable data into actionable insights, and revolutionize patient care. It also helps accelerate acquisition, enrollment, service, and innovation for both patients and members.

Salesforce for healthcare and life sciences_Saks Health

Our team brings the promise of Salesforce to our medical device, life sciences, and health & wellness clients. Our veteran Salesforce experts have designed, implemented, and trained healthcare organizations on Service, Health, Sales, and Marketing Cloud instances and take pride in delivering a high-quality product to our customers via a flexible delivery model.

activating innovating healthcare technology_Saks Health

Firsts in healthcare technology

We focus on staying ahead of the curve in what we do, how we do it, and with whom we do it. With this deliberate approach, it's natural that we supported the launch of the first digital medicine in the U.S. We also partnered with the health innovation group that launched the first Alexa Skill developed by a national health and wellness company in the U.S. Find out how we’re designed specifically for activating innovative “firsts” in healthcare.

Healthcare technology

A proprietary platform developed by SAKS Health

SAKSiNTERACTiVE is a virtual tool built to engage and educate a variety of internal and external audiences, creating communities of influencers and followers. ​SAKSiNTERACTiVE has a wide range of applications, including:

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clinical and organized customer thought leadership_Saks Health



Easily tap into our select clinical and organized customer thought leaders to get clarification, answers, and reactions to opportunities and challenges in response to a rapidly evolving market.


SAKS Health partners with client teams to develop custom thought leader groups for ongoing insight generation and timely feedback.


One recent example of activating SAKSiNSiGHTS included thought leaders from organized customer groups like: 

  • National and Regional Health Plans

  • Health Systems/IDNs

  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers

  • Specialty Pharmacies


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