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SAKSiNTERACTiVE: A Virtual Customer Engagement and Social Learning Platform

Behavior change is the goal and objective in any learning or marketing engagement. And, while face-to-face interactions are often the most effective, a variety of internal and external factors can prevent them from happening. The current pandemic clearly necessitates the need for virtual solutions to influence behavior change. In turn, the use of non-personal promotion has not simply supported personal promotion, but in some cases taken the place of face-to-face.

SAKS Health has co-created SAKSiNTERACTiVE, a proprietary platform activating non-personal engagements for stakeholders, partners, and prescribers. This approach leverages a virtual and tested group-based social learning platform focused on mentoring and exchanging ideas within small groups of collaborative influencers and prescribers.

SAKSiNTERACTiVE offers various engagement mediums for all users and the option of a synchronous OR asynchronous learning experience. This proprietary platform can provide a variety of solutions to activate success among many applications and engagement types. A sampling of use types follows:

  • Peer-to-Peer – our platform can be customized for virtual dinner meetings, with a surplus of communication touch points;

  • Patient Communities – extremely relevant in the rare disease space as an ideal forum for exchanges amongst patients and caregivers, as well as an application for focus groups;

  • Sales Training – provides the ultimate in live interactions, blogs, self-assessment modules and role play;

  • National Sales Meetings – offers the ability to train the sales organization on POA materials, Master Visual Aids, etc., prior to the NSM, and then post meeting, drive adoption and implementation via multiple touch points;

  • Congresses – used as a pre- and post-Congress engagement tool for Groups of high-volume prescribing attendees to drive adoption and increase ROI; and

  • Steering Committees – the ideal collaborative workspace and virtual community, which enables top-tier advisors to interact more effectively with their fellow steering committee members, and provides them with relevant materials and resources, allowing them to engage asynchronously

We are excited to share SAKSiNTERACTiVE! Our easy to use and readily accessible platform enables meaningful virtual stakeholder engagements by creating a community amongst target audiences. On this customizable, group-based social learning and engagement platform, message uptake blossoms as you engage audiences before, during, and after congresses, steering committees, national sales meetings, peer-to-peer functions, and more. Like many of our clients, pivoting to successful virtual platforms continues to be key during current virtual and hybrid models of business. Let SAKSiNTERACTiVE be your vehicle for behavior change amongst target audiences…internal and external.



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