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SAKSiNTERACTiVE: Using Effective Communication for Better Clinical Trials

SAKSiNTERACTiVE: Using Effective Communication for Better Clinical Trials

When it comes to clinical trials, oftentimes data are being collected from multiple sites, across a state, the entire country, or even globally. While this helps with patient diversity, an aspect promoted by the FDA to better reflect the population, it can create challenges for effective communication between clinical trial teams. The need to streamline communication between teams, provide resources and materials, all while creating a space for teams to collaborate is where our proprietary platform, SAKSiNTERACTiVE, supercharges your race to optimize engagements. 

In 2020 FDA put out guidelines on enhancing the diversity of clinical trial populations. By making eligibility and enrollment in clinical trials more inclusive, helping to ensure a representative study population, the results from the trials will have a higher quality. With the FDA looking for representative study populations, the need to gather data from likely more trial locations will occur. SAKSiNTERACTiVE is designed to help alleviate the operational hurdles that may surface due to the push for more representative study populations. 

SAKSiNTERACTiVE is a virtual platform, web and mobile optimized, that allows research teams to have one secure place for all their clinical trial needs. This can look like: 

  • A resource center for all trial related materials (PDFs, slide decks, videos, podcasts, etc.)

  • Modules to allow for any necessary training to keep everyone aligned and synchronized

  • One on one messaging between team members 

  • Group messages for updates, best practices, etc. 

  • Polling to get feedback on times to meet virtually and other question needs

  • Virtual meetings for members to quickly meet “face to face” 

  • Customization to fit your clinical trial’s specific needs 

SAKSiNTERACTiVE is easily used on laptops, tablets, and phones. Members can set up their profile to notify them of activity via email and/or text notifications. This allows clinical trial teams to access clinical trial resources and materials as well as pose any questions quickly and hassle free from wherever they are, whenever they need. Behind the scenes, the SAKSiNTERACTiVE platform is keeping your materials and content confidential and protected.  

Clinical trials provide valuable scientific innovation, insights, and results. Setting them up with the best possible chance of success often means giving clinical trial teams the resources they need to collaborate and engage, on their own time. SAKSiNTERACTiVE is being used by development teams across the globe, and can easily be that platform to streamline all your clinical trial communication and resource needs.  

To learn more about our SAKSiNTERACTiVE platform and the other applications it can be used for be sure to read our blog post SAKSiNTERACTiVE: A Virtual Customer Engagement and Social Learning Platform. To see how SAKSiNTERACTiVE can be tailored to your specific needs, be sure to reach out to us today.



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