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How to Optimize Healthcare Professional Education for Success

Healthcare Professional (HCP) education is vitally important. Be this education on a new treatment option, a rare disease, care best practices, or countless other topics, HCP education helps providers stay up to date on a constantly changing and innovating healthcare landscape.

However, how HCP education is delivered to providers is the crux of many successes and many problems. If the delivery of HCP education is not successful it will lead to poor retention and could result in further HCP burnout. But if delivered successfully, HCP education can lead to growth in knowledge, confidence in implementing what was learned, and reduced provider burn out as they successfully create a Better Healthcare Tomorrow™ for their patients.

At SAKS Health we have spent years crafting HCP educational programs that strike the perfect balance to ultimately lead to better educational content absorption without adding unnecessary burdens to already extremely busy HCPs. One successful way we have implemented strong HCP educational programming has been through the use of our SAKSiNTERACTiVE platform.

SAKSiNTERACTiVE is a proven platform that can be used to elevate and enhance your educational initiatives in the post-pandemic hybrid work environment (as well as other virtual engagements).

When it comes to educational content absorption, SAKSiNTERACTiVE:

  • Can provide content in various formats all in one easy to access location

    • Providing busy providers with only one way to learn something is not useful. Meeting HCPs where they are results in better engagements. We have found some providers prefer to review a slide deck with their morning coffee while others prefer to listen to a podcast or watch a video explaining new content while on their commute. Having multiple easy to access formats of educational content allows providers to tailor their learning to their lives.

  • Allows for multiple touch points to ensure content retention

    • We all know by now that the more we do something the better we get at it. Being able to provide multiple touch points can lead to greater stickiness and better retention of new information. After introducing a topic, SAKSiNTERACTiVE has the ability to create multiple touch points on a topic be those virtual, hybrid, or in-person touch points.

  • Is designed for collaboration

    • Learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. SAKSiNTERACTiVE is designed to optimize collaboration. With various ways to bring providers together virtually to discuss questions and new ideas either asynchronously or in real time, we know the value of group collaboration.

While we often see patients at the center of healthcare, being able to help enable Better Healthcare Tomorrow™ for patients requires HCPs knowing how to help provide it. Creating educational opportunities that meet providers where they are, not adding unnecessary burdens to their busy lives, and doing so in a format that is able to adapt to multiple learning styles is where successful programing is made. Let us help you design the perfect program today!



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