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Evaluating Learning and Development Impact: A SAKSiNTERACTiVE Case Study

While many are excited to return to in person events and work, there is still a strong need and desire for virtual activities that maximize the effectiveness of engagements. This is evident when it comes to learning and development efforts. For retention of information, content is best consumed in smaller chunks to create “stickiness”. SAKSiNTERACTiVE is a proven platform to elevate and enhance your training initiatives in the post-pandemic hybrid work environment (as well as other virtual engagements).

Below we will walk through a case study pertaining to an educational training program and how SAKSiNTERACTiVE helped facilitate it.

Challenge: In the new hybrid environment the company has hired both work from home and work in office employees, all of which are spread across the country. The company needs to conduct training and prepare for the launch of a new asset, but with the hybrid work environment this needs to be done in an effective but different way.


SAKSiNTERACTiVE was implemented for this company to match its hybrid environment. Two in-person meetings were scheduled, three months apart. During the first in-person meeting educational training occurred along with information about SAKSiNTERACTiVE. In between the two meetings SAKSiNTERACTiVE was utilized. On SAKSiNTERACTiVE employees were able to access resources and educational training to better retain information from the first in-person meeting and prepare for the second in-person meeting.


  • SAKSiNTERACTiVE allowed for the creation of internal communities to engage and work with fellow team members over a longer period of time to help with retention of information

  • By implementing SAKSiNTERACTiVE the hybrid work environment of the company was honored and team members who were spread across multiple time zones were able to access and complete materials and training on their own time

  • The asynchronous aspect to SAKSiNTERACTiVE that creates the flexibility in timing for team members benefits their time while still providing a common virtual meeting space that actively promotes engagement

  • As a group-based social learning platform, SAKSiNTERACTiVE was strategically utilized to generate interpersonal exchange resulting in an experience that enabled team members to not only learn but also create a plan of action to bring to the second in-person meeting

SAKSiNTERACTiVE helped to ensure all employee members were on the same page and ready to go. The portal that was custom designed for the team allowed members to interact with one another, asynchronously complete all the content they needed to complete, and help facilitate meaningful virtual engagements.

This program was such a success that the company extended the license to keep the group collaborating throughout the year.

Learning and development tasks can often be dreaded or seen as tedious, so making sure you have meaningful content and engaging ways to participate and learn new materials is what SAKSiNTERACTiVE is all about.

To learn more about SAKSiNTERACTiVE and how it can be tailored to suit your needs, be sure to reach out!



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