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Unlocking Value for Organized Customers and Healthcare Decision Makers


At SAKS Health, we are committed to collaborating with clients and partners to deliver Better Healthcare Tomorrow™. We know that a key component of that goal means getting patients access to the medications and healthcare solutions they need. Payers and other population health decision makers are committed to balancing the quality and cost of the healthcare services they cover and provide, and as a result they tend to be:

  • Highly skeptical of manufacturer-generated content

  • Laser-focused on cost

  • Frequently siloed, so they may not appreciate the whole value picture

Understanding and embracing decision makers’ pain points and characteristics is critical as we consider the development of value propositions. At SAKS Health, our SAKS Access practice approaches value narrative development through research, strategy, and messaging. We start with input from key stakeholders through competitive analyses, market assessments, in-depth interviews, advisory boards, and focus groups. We leverage long-standing relationships and partnerships with industry stakeholders, supplementing our insights with their informed perspectives. We then build on these insights to help you arrive at a market access strategy designed to optimize your products’ clinical and economic attributes. With all that in place, we develop the targeted core value messages and tools you will need for success with access stakeholders.

Our philosophy is to build content with customer feedback at key points to create the most customer-centric value narratives. As we develop your value story, we test key themes and messages at important junctures with the appropriate payer stakeholders. Finally, we ensure that the value proposition incorporates our 3 key story elements:

1. Logical chain of argument

  • The value narrative must fit together in a way that demonstrates clear reasoning and speaks the language of the target audience

2. Elevated data presentation

  • Data points that demonstrate value must be highlighted and expressed in a clear manner, while extraneous points are minimized

3. Creative that stimulates the conversation

  • The right creative presentation enhances quick understanding of the key data points and helps facilitate a constructive dialog around mutual unmet needs (win-win)

Access gatekeepers play an important role in ensuring patient health and helping us all reach the goal of Better Healthcare Tomorrow™. We know that reaching these stakeholders means meeting them where they are and helping them understand the most important aspects of your product. At SAKS Health we are eager to leverage our experience and tested approach to help you achieve or exceed your expectations with this critical audience.

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