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3 Steps to Media Simplicity

Bill Bernbach was one of the 3 founders of Doyle Dane Bernbach, the legendary New York City advertising agency that gave us the famous VW “Lemon” ad in 1960. The Beetle was showcased on a plain background, and one word of provocative copy drew us in to discover that a scratched chrome plate on the glove box made the entire car unfit for shipping. Bill and his team distinguished VW from its competition and demonstrated the impact of well-executed simplicity.

At SAKS Health Media, we strive to help our clients achieve their objectives by leveraging that same spirit of well-executed simplicity. Through proprietary tools and a dedicated outlook to planning and executing media campaigns, such as those noted below, we embody a progressive, integrated approach to media and communications.

  • SAKS Media Instant Insight. Our Instant Insight tool is best used when you need answers, fast. Often, a few simple facts are required to put a strategy in place or confirm a suspicion with empirical data. Instant Insight effectively addresses those needs and provides cost-effective measures for scenarios such as:

    • Supporting a media plan through additional data points

    • Enhancing or clarifying completed research results with supplemental data

    • Securing a market pulse following traditional data collection that has revealed an unexpected insight

    • Quickly assessing markets for incidence to establish criteria for larger engagements

    • Taking a snapshot of brand position for benchmarking and KPI analysis

  • SAKS Media Front-view. Front-view tool is a web-based proprietary dashboard designed to efficiently analyze and explain price performance by specific media over a given period of time, taking into account all variables that might influence prices. The tool visually reveals price evolution and agency negotiation power. Our clients are well served by the transparency achieved through Front-view.

  • Creative Amortization. We understand that our clients have a defined budget, and that the balance between creative development and ad placement/execution must be balanced to optimize results. Our buying practice is not to recommend an excessive number of creative executions, but rather, consider how we can simply leverage existing creative through different partners. This approach is designed to save our clients’ money and allow them to invest more of their budget into targeted placements.

These tools and approaches to planning and executing media campaigns on behalf of our clients demonstrate SAKS Media’s commitment to efficacy, efficiency, and transparency. Through client engagements, we work hard to leverage our culture of collaboration, modern marketing practices, innovation, and enduring relationships to help clients achieve their objectives and deliver on our purpose of enabling a Better Healthcare Tomorrow.

Bill Bernbach set a high bar for well-executed simplicity through strong visuals and compelling messaging. He was also famous for saying that “The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.” At SAKS Media, we are simply committed to the truth. Give us a call and let us show you what that looks like.



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