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Jump-Start Your Career with Our Fellowship Program


In 2020, we launched the SAKS Health Fellowship Program as a way to provide a learning experience for those just starting their careers. After reviewing the many applications we received, last fall we were able to bring on two marketing service Fellows—giving them exposure to our various departments, from creative, program management, and client services.

Over the course of this six month program each Fellow rotated through the three SAKS Health departments in order to learn from our senior leadership and get hands-on experience.

The goal of our program is to help Fellows in the following areas:

  • Gain insights into the world of health and wellness communications

  • Collaborate and work with innovative thinkers and leaders in the business

  • Gain hands on experience in the processes and day-to-day activities of each department

  • Attend weekly lunch and learns and training sessions to gain deeper understandings of each department and how they service our clients

  • Advance their presentation skills

For each of our inaugural Fellows though they took more than just our initial thoughts of what the program would provide. Here’s what our Fellows had to say in regards to the program:

What were some of your learnings from the SAKS Health Fellowship Program?


  • Executed brand objectives and strategies under the guidance of senior account team members

  • Participated in client meetings and engaged with clients independently

  • Supported various teams in development of materials and resources


  • Targeted marketing to select audiences in the health and wellness space

  • Constructed copy and curated content for numerous materials from payer value propositions to stakeholder engagement websites

  • Effectively provided support on a wide range of projects

What did you expect coming into this Fellowship?

Chloe: I really didn’t know what to expect. I had never worked in this industry before so I was planning on learning a lot, which very much happened.

Kathryn: Not only had I never worked in this industry before, I had never worked a remote role. Luckily, the transition to working fully remote was made so much easier by SAKS Health’s process and existing practices.

What did the program turn out to be?

Kathryn: This program turned out to be a great way to gain initial exposure to the healthcare marketing industry and work on skills essential to my current role as an account executive. Having previous experience working as a research intern at the Yale School of Public Health, I wanted to further explore my interest in supporting access to healthcare and quality of healthcare. I was able to leverage and build upon the skills I had previously used and apply them to new research projects I worked on in my first few months of the Fellowship. The opportunity to conduct and present research allowed me to build confidence with close client interactions, tight deadlines, and professional presentations. SAKS Health provided a supportive environment to learn and grow as a professional starting a career in healthcare marketing.

Chloe: The Fellowship Program provided an immersive experience to learn about multiple aspects in the health and wellness industry. Early on in the program you’re able to have hands-on experience, gain face to face exposure with clients, and rotate through multiple departments in SAKS Health, all of which in a matter of months lets you gain a better understanding of the industry, the company, and your fit within both. Transitioning from the Fellowship program to a full time position as a Content Curator at SAKS Health was seamless because of everything I had learned throughout the Fellowship.

Overall our multifaceted Fellowship Program is designed to promote learning and growth. While this marks the inaugural Fellowship Program, be sure to keep an eye out for ongoing updates regarding our Fellowship initiatives. We are always looking for new talent that can add to our growing team dedicated to the goal of Better Healthcare Tomorrow™.



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