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Welcome to SAKS Health – Discover our journey for Better Healthcare Tomorrow™

SAKS Health launched as a pure play market access and reimbursement focused company four years ago. Aligned with our vision, our path to becoming a multi-practice marketing services organization has cemented our offerings in market access, medical communication, media, and digital transformation. As we begin the journey of a new year, on the heels of a tumultuous 2020, we are continuing to stay optimistic by reflecting on where we have been and planning for where we are going.


Where We Have Been

Our story has been an evolution, where we have expanded one practice at a time by adding new talent and seasoned leadership from the healthcare and agency world. We have grown our company to adapt to the market and to our client partners’ needs. In turn our client engagements are diverse and span the healthcare sector to include health plans, life sciences, and health and wellness start-ups. With some good fortune and much hard work, we have proactively activated new practices such as media and digital transformation.

  • In 2019, we expanded our company footprint by adding our third practice; SAKS Media

  • At the start of 2020, we formalized our Digital Transformation practice

As 2020 became what it was, our organization seemed almost purpose built for the year and the new normal of businesses having to pivot to a nearly full virtual existence. Since our company was founded with a fully remote model, our teams were able to “continue business as usual” and provide support without any gaps to our clients.

Instead of disrupting our business and operating model like other companies in the marketing and communications sector, we stayed laser focused on our mission and client partners’ business priorities as we continued to hone in on our product and service offerings, getting us ready for the challenges and successes of 2021.

Where We Are Going

We look forward to continuing to work with our client partners to further the goal of Better Healthcare Tomorrow™. From our strong roots in market access and medical communications, we have expanded our footprint to a technology-enabled marketing services agency. With our practice based model supporting our multiple client engagements, there are many new avenues SAKS Health will be exploring.

  • Expanding SAKSiNTERACTiVE, our group-based social learning and engagement platform that enables meaningful virtual stakeholder community building

  • Maintain our multiple certifications that can assist our clients with hitting their corporate goals of engaging with diversity suppliers in their vendor selection process

  • Continuing to grow our own online presence as we embark upon website updates, social media expansion, and the creation of our company’s blog

  • Rolling out new product offerings and potentially new practices on the way as we adapt to best fit client needs and the demands of an ever evolving landscape

We look forward to continuing our partnership with those of you that we have been lucky enough to support and partnering with those that are looking for a new collaborator to deliver Better Healthcare Tomorrow™.

There were challenges to 2020, no doubt, but as a company we were prepared and ready to pivot as needed. We wish everyone much health and success as we collectively experience what 2021 and beyond holds. Reach out to see how SAKS Health can support your business priorities…all you have to do is take another look!



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