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5 Ways To Optimize Your Speaker Programs With SAKSeBUREAU

Speaker programs are a valuable service that industry provides to the HCP community and despite more stringent PHrMA guidelines for Speaker Bureaus in 2022*, these programs continue to see a resurgence in popularity in the pharmaceutical industry. At SAKS Health we anticipated this pivot and launched a new platform to address this demand.

The MedComm Practice at SAKS Health has led the way in innovation with the development and launch of a virtual collaboration platform called SAKSiNTERACTiVE. In keeping with that theme, we launched SAKSeBUREAU, a portal for activating your KOLs and speakers bureau. The SAKSeBUREAU portal provides a variety of innovative features to address more flexible formats (on-site, hybrid, and virtual programs) and improved web-based systems for managing and coordinating speakers/events, as well as easing compliance reporting.

By coupling our extremely knowledgeable staff with SAKSeBUREAU, a tool to provide easy organization, event and invitation reminders, reimbursement record keeping, post event surveys for feedback, analytics, and more, SAKS Health is able to effectively and efficiently partner with your team to address all your speaker program needs. Check out 5 ways you can optimize your speaker programs with the support of SAKSeBUREAU:

#1 Identifying and Attracting the Right Speakers and Influencers

Selecting the correct individuals for speaker programs is not always as black and white as just compiling stats relating to their disease state expertise, history of publications, medical society roles, editorial positions, etc. Yes, these aspects of an individual’s CV are important as you look at the potential global pool of speakers. But the SAKSeBUREAU team takes this one step further with a more qualitative approach. We look for ways to measure a KOL's relative influence and disease state expertise by looking at criteria such as the breadth and depth of a KOL's professional involvement, brand adoption, and level of influence. These behaviors help in determining a KOL's strength as an influencer in the greater HCP community and to significantly narrow down the candidate pool.

SAKSeBUREAU Goal: Find the right experts, who can communicate effectively and have credibility with the audience you are trying to reach

#2 Content is King

Providing high quality content is extremely important to the success of a speaker bureau program. Whether programs are in-person or virtual the SAKSeBUREAU medical staff works with clients to develop a narrative that tells your best story and provides interesting and engaging educational information while ensuring accuracy and compliance. Our slide decks are professionally developed, carefully edited, and visually impactful.

SAKSeBUREAU Goal: Ensuring that the content delivers on its own promises

#3 Little Things Make Big Things Happen

Paying attention to details is extremely important. Charles R. Swindoll once said, “The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.” But, more than that, the SAKSeBUREAU team takes pride in our work. Planning and executing speaker bureau logistics is our sweet spot. Our client/project services team coordinates every aspect of KOL and venue management. We aim for seamless and flawless execution whether it is creating and implementing the invitation process, site selection, or attendee registration.

SAKSeBUREAU Goal: Making our client’s life as easy as possible

#4 It's How You Say It

SAKSeBUREAU speaker training programs are designed to develop compelling ambassadors for the disease state and its effective management with the latest treatment advances. Special attention is given to both the grasping of scientific knowledge as well as learning techniques for connecting with audiences…storytelling at its finest. These training sessions are done both in-person and virtually by utilizing the latest in presentation skills excellence.

SAKSeBUREAU Goal: Turning “experts” into “expert” presenters

#5 The SAKS MedComm SAKSeBUREAU Portal: A Win-Win

The SAKSeBUREAU technology platform manages all aspects of our client speaker bureau programs. It has an intuitive interface that allows for ease of engaging and tracking of speakers and attendees, provides speaker access to pre-approved decks, training materials and other resources, and facilitates event planning coordination.

SAKSeBUREAU Goal: Executing a speaker bureau program from just one place

SAKSeBUREAU Landing Page

A Final Word

Speaker programs continue to be a valuable service that industry provides to the HCP community. At SAKS Health, we join in that effort bringing together respected experts to disseminate scientific information and healthcare innovations through our SAKSeBUREAU technology, thus helping to ensure the road to a Better Healthcare Tomorrow™.

*Phrma. Code on interactions with healthcare professionals. Published August 2021. Accessed March 1, 2022.



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